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Get started with pest management for any agricultural setting.


Impress your customers with highest quality plants


Grow top quality produce thanks to accurate controls.


BugVision supports your research and help students learn about pest management

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BugVision Standard Subscription

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US $100/ month 

Choose a yearly Plan

What is included:

- Select Plants, pests and traps in provided libraries

- Unlimited hierarchical locations

- Set up thresholds for Pest/Plant pair

- Create template for easy batch monitoring

- Actionable insights in multiple dashboards

- User access managed through roles

- Invite your consultants to participate to your account

- 3 user licenses included

- 5 Go of data storage included

US $1000/year

(US $83,33/month)

…Coming soon

 Bug Vision Professional Subscription

Get monthly Plan

US $200/ month 

What is included:

- Basic version features +

- BCA broadcasting tracking

- Picture management

- GPS management for locations

- Locations displayed on diagram

- 5 user licenses included

- 10 Go of data storage included

Choose a yearly Plan

US $2000/year

(US $170/month)

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